By Eric Schmidt

After approving the sale of the Houston Astros this afternoon, MLB owners voted to expand the MLB playoff roster to include one more team in each league. Nearly one-third of the 30 MLB franchises will now reach post-season play. It was reported by ESPN that the player’s association approved the move as well. Of course they did with players playing with incentive-laden contracts.

Let’s look at this season’s playoff team roster. The Atlanta Braves and the Boston Red Sox would have reached the playoffs this season despite historic collapses late in the season. Sure, the owners make more money from additional games played, the players get salary bonuses, but is this the best thing for the game? No.

So an additional 3-games series with the first pitch starting at 8pm Eastern is going to invigorate the game how exactly? Additional playoff games without the addition of newly available technology to help avoid controversial calls will help improve the game how exactly?

Major League Baseball is seriously dropping the ball, and as long as Bud Selig remains in control as the Commissioner, things won’t change.

Baseball WAS America’s pastime, and I emphasize WAS. Before television, listening to baseball on the radio was a big deal. Even with the advent of television, ABC used to broadcast the Game of the Week for baseball games. When I was in school, playoff games started in the afternoon instead of the first pitch of the World Series going off at nearly 9pm EST.

What Mr. Selig needs to understand is that the game, as well as technology has evolved but their game has failed to catch up. Keeping the youth engaged in your sport, insures the future of your game. MLB has overcome the steroid issues, but the game has failed to evolve and extend itself to the youth of America. This is a video game, instant gratification society we are living in these days. The old-time traditions surrounding the game of baseball, albeit so of which I love, are being lost on the youth of today.

The addition of two more playoff teams does nothing more than put more money in the pockets of the owners and players along with the television networks while doing precious little to increase interest in the game and get the youth of America energized to play the game. Does any serious follower of the game think that the Atlanta Braves and Boston Red Sox would have really competed for the World Series this season?

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