By Eric Schmidt

A lot of columnists may grow scorned when their favorite team misses out on a big name free agent. They will comment on how that player would falter anyway, and flip completely when they had hope of a signing.

Oakland Athletics CF Yoenis Cespedes surprised the world of baseball when he was scooped up by the Oakland Athletics in a last second deal. All directions pointed directly at Yoenis Cespedes signing with the Miami Marlins. After all, he is a heralded Cuban, and the New Marlins Ballpark is situated in the heart of Little Havana.

Yoenis Cespedes could become a dynamic, 30-30 All-Star, or he could suffer against world class pitching. Regardless of his potential, the 40 million dollar offer proposed by the Miami Marlins is exorbitant considering his unproven stock. A lot of fans and pundits still believe Cespedes is destined for stardom after eviscerating world class pitching at the 2009 World Baseball Classic.

Cespedes’ development as a major league ball player will be the interesting story, but with the offer set on the table, the Miami Marlins were better off allocating their funds further than breaking the bank on an unproven talent. 3B Hanley Ramirez is an absolute bum, and in 2013 the Marlins could use the money saved to sign a big third baseman. The single most important means to spend the finances available in 2012 is to lock up RF Mike Stanton.

Never in the Miami Marlins organization has a player shown this type of power. He was an absolute steal in the draft, showing freakish athletic ability, making the bat look like an exploding toothpick. The Marlins will likely trade former franchise cornerstone in Hanley Ramirez. The true face of the franchise is Mike Stanton, and they must lock him up long term before his value is driven up by the unbelievable season he is likely to enjoy.

LF Logan Morrison will also be a free agent soon, and if he can stay off Twitter long enough to realize his potential, the Marlins could have one of the most dynamic outfields without Cespedes.

CF Emilio Bonifacio does not have true home run potential, but his terrific pace and knack for reaching the base-paths will make him an invaluable – albeit a different type of player than Cespedes – in a great outfield. Having Bonifacio at the top of the lineup with SS Jose Reyes will do some damage and make opposing batteries fume with anger.

Overall, Yoenis Cespedes looks like he could be a phenom as other Cuban defectors have shown. Fortunately for the Marlins, missing out on Cespedes frees up a lot of money to distribute in other important places to lock up a contender for years to come.

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