By Hudson Belinsky

Baseball is here! Well, sort of. The Oakland A’s and Seattle Mariners began their season-long race for third place this week, and in the process gave the HardballChat crew a few minutes of conversation.

FanGraphs writer Eno Sarris joins Hudson and Scott for a discussion of fantasy baseball, its evolution, and a few strategy points. Eno talks about FanGraphs: The Game and gives a few pointers as to his strategy when drafting. You can (and definitely should) check out Eno’s work at FanGraphs and Amazin’ Avenue.

The rest of Episode 24′s discussion centers on recent injuries and expectations for the 2012 season. The Zach Duke signing takes up way more conversation than it deserves to, but the HardballChat duo has fun with it.

As always the Mondays rock out between segments. You can follow Hudson on twitter at @hudsonbelinsky and Scott at @sbarzilla. Enjoy the show!

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