By Eric Schmidt

Sometimes locally oriented sports writers are like representative politicians. They advance the aims and opinions of the sports market with facts and linguistic skills that the average citizen may not be able to conjure. However, much like politicians rely on their voters, a writer has to oft times read the pulse of the people.

Online forums and comment boxes may not be the place to find the most charming of opinions, but it is a clear indicator of how the throngs of dedicated baseball fans feel. Using this logic, it is only right to base the national opinion of Miami Marlins RHP Carlos Zambrano as largely negative. Chicago Cubs fans have every reason in the world to hate him. Carlos Zambrano assaulted a water cooler, fought multiple teammates, and largely gave up on his team after they paid him ace type money. Nobody truly knows what type of abstract neurology Carlos Zambrano has, but regardless of past transgressions, he came to play.

Right now Carlos Zambrano has one of only eleven sub-2.0 ERA’s in Major League Baseball. With his most recent victory, a complete game shutout against the Houston Astros, Zambrano right now sits with the elite in baseball.

Having a larger population of Venezuelans to cheer for Carlos along with a familiar friend in countryman and manager Ozzie Guillen has created a nurturing atmosphere for Carlos. Zambrano certainly did the Chicago Cubs a major wrong, and deserves all the boos he will get in Wrigley Field. However, Zambrano has cleared his mind, lost some weight, found some friends, and has made the Chris Volstad for Zambrano train look like a Chicago robber that only Al Capone was capable of.

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