By Eric Schmidt

The AL is known less for its great pitching and more for its power. However, there have been some top flight arms to pass through the ranks these past few years. Here are the five best picks to win the Cy Young Award.

V: Detroit Tigers RHP Justin Verlander

The reigning top pitcher in all of baseball is a paltry 5-4. The results are more to his hyped lineup’s ineptitude than his pitching. Verlander has a 2.67 ERA, and has flirted with no hitters all year long. Verlander has been the portrait of a workhorse, throwing a tremendous 87.2 innings thus far. Two more starts and he could easily eclipse 100 and more. His 86 strikeouts are five more than the next closest AL pitcher in Seattle Mariners P Felix Hernandez. 

IV: Los Angeles Angels RHP Jered Weaver

Weaver would be far higher if his DL stint was not going to ruin his stock later on. Weaver is fourth in the AL with a 2.61 ERA. His opposing BA is fantastic coupled with his sub 1.0 WHIP. His six wins and one loss don’t hurt either.

III: Texas Rangers RHP Yu Darvish

Yes, his numbers are fantastic, but  not exactly top five in many places. His seven wins are alluring, but his ERA could be lower than his 3.34. His opposing AVG is eleventh and his WHIP needs to drop, but his strikeouts are a great number to watch.

II: Tampa Bay Rays LHP David Price

The ace of possibly the most underrated staff in all of baseball, the darling of Southwest Florida and the Tampa Area has an electric heater. His wins and ERA are top  two in the AL.

I: Chicago White Sox LHP Chris Sale

Chris Sale is the reason why I am proud to be a Florida Gulf Coast Eagle. Otherwise, there is nothing to write home about. Sale is a young name whose pedigree is not established enough to truly award him yet. His 15 strikeout performance at Tropicana Field was majestic for the lefty. His AL leading 2.30 ERA and his seven wins help too.

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