By Eric Schmidt

Now that the New York Yankees have been eliminated from postseason play, let the speculation begin about what the future holds for Yankees 3B Alex Rodriguez. Rodriguez, benched during the playoffs against the Detroit Tigers, is owned over $100 million on his remaining contract. Rodriguez, who turns 38 next season, will likely be moved out of New York, but sending him to the Miami Marlins makes no sense.

Yes, A-Rod is known as Mr. Miami but he isn’t going to help the Marlins next season. Miami invested a boatload of money in contracts prior to last season and those investments did not pay off. Miami decided that in conjunction with the rollout of their new stadium they would make a splash in free agency. The Marlins finished dead last in the NL East, 29 games out of first.

Miami struggled in nearly every facet of the game this season. They finished 29th in runs scored, 24th in team batting average, 26th in OBP and 24th in slugging percentage. Miami also finished 21st in ERA and 25th in BAA, allowing opposing teams to hit .263.

What advantage will the Marlins gain by bringing in A-Rod? Sell more tickets? Is this team interested in simply selling tickets or putting a winning team on the field. The Miami fanbase is already skeptical over the handling of this team after years of false promises and fire sales.The Marlins finished the season ranked 18th in the majors in attendance, but there was some cooking of the books going on. I live in the Miami market and I watched them play on Fox Sports South, there was no one at games after the All-Star Break.

The Marlins do have some very talented young positional players, but does bringing in a fading veteran really add anything to this team? I doubt it.

Rodriguez illustrated that he can’t hit right handed pitching. His numbers are decreasing every year. His OBP is falling. His Slugging percentage has fallen every year since 2007. His OPS has decreased every year since 2007 as well. He has only appeared in 221 games in the last two seasons combined. He was 3 of 23 in the playoffs and finished 0-18 with 12 K’s against right handed pitching.

The Marlins might think that his addition will help to sell tickets? Really? Who is going to pay money to watch a fading star that has lost his game? What the Marlins should be focused on, is adding players that will help the Marlins to compete for a division title and postseason play. That will put butts in the seats.



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