By Eric Schmidt

Well, we have reached that part of the baseball season. Spring training is opening up in the grapefruit and cactus leagues and hope springs eternal for virtually every team in the majors as no one is sitting with a losing record. Hope isn’t springing eternal in Las Vegas were the odds makers have been busily putting together the odds on which teams will make it to the fall classic this season. As it stands right now, the odds maker have projected a Los Angeles series, between the Dodgers and the Angels as both teams come in at 17/2 favorites.

If the Angels falter out of the American League, the Toronto Blue Jays are right behind them at 15/2. Yes, the Blue Jays made a series of strong moves this offseason, but let’s see how this team gels. Remember when everyone assumed the Philadelphia Phillies would roll away with the title a few years ago after making high profile pitching moves? How’d that work out?

I think there is some actual value on these current odds. I like the Atlanta Braves at 16/1. Never count out the St. Louis Cardinals and they come in at 25/1. The Tampa Bay Rays are 22/1. Their pitching staff should be able to pick up the loss of James Shields but run production is going to be an issue for this team.

If you are feeling really adventurous (or simply have money to foolishly spend) the Houston Astros come in at 200/1. Good luck with that.

Here are the complete list of odds for all MLB teams as provided by Bovada-

Los Angeles Angels  –  17-2

Los Angeles Dodgers  –  17-2

Toronto Blue Jays  –  15-2

Washington Nationals  –  9-1

Detroit Tigers  –  10-1

Texas Rangers  –  12-1

Cincinnati Reds  –  14-1

San Francisco Giants  –  14-1

New York Yankees  –  15-1

Atlanta Braves  –  16-1

Philadelphia Phillies  –  16-1

Tampa Bay Rays  –  22-1

Boston Red Sox  –  25-1

St Louis Cardinals  –  25-1

Oakland A’s  –  30-1

Milwaukee Brewers  – 35-1

Baltimore Orioles  –  40-1

Chicago White Sox  –  40-1

Arizona Diamondbacks  –  45-1

Kansas City Royals  –  50-1

Pittsburgh Pirates  –  50-1

Cleveland Indians  –  75-1

Minnesota Twins  –  75-1

New York Mets  –  75-1

San Diego Padres  –  75-1

Seattle Mariners  –  75-1

Chicago Cubs  –  100-1

Colorado Rockies  –  100-1

Miami Marlins  –  100-1

Houston Astros  –  200-1

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