By Eric Schmidt

The Miami Marlins shipped nearly all of their stars out of town this offseason and the coaching staff had to be holding their collective breath on Wednesday. During an intra-squad game, OF Giancarlo Stanton was drilled in the head with a fastball from P Jose Fernandez. Fernandez’s pitch sailed high and inside, striking Stanton in the helmet.

Stanton walked off the field and did not return. He claimed that the beanball affected his sight. Stanton told reporters, “I wasn’t dizzy. I saw a little grayness and fuzziness on the outside of my eyes, but it’s subsiding now.” It was reported that Stanton showed no signs of a concussion.

Fernandez told reporters that he felt terrible about the pitch. “Over 95 mph, I know it was. It’s a scary moment. My hands were sweating a lot. It was not a good pitch. I feel bad. It’s not a good feeling, I promise you,” said Fernandez. Stanton has 71 home runs in the last two season and lead the majors with a .608 slugging percentage last year.


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