By Eric Schmidt

The Miami Marlins have once again undergone another offseason firesale, after duping the city to provide them a new ballpark. Outside of Giancarlo Stanton, most of the big names have been shipped out of town and another sub-.500 season appears to be in store for the fish.

According to Juan C. Rodriguez on Twitter, the Marlins seem to have set the top of their batting order for the 2013 season. “One tidbit from Mike Redmond today: Leaning towards Juan Pierre, Placido Polanco and Giancarlo Stanton atop batting order.”

Well Marlins fans, get ready for some quick first innings this season. Batting Stanton third, the best player on the team, is a huge mistake. Stanton is going to come to the plate with two outs and no one on several times this year, and this decision does not allow your best player to maximize his potential. He should be batting cleanup in this lineup. It’s not like this lineup is going to be a scoring juggernaut, but at least give him the opportunity to score some runs out of the number four position.

Even if he enters the game in the second inning while batting fourth, his ability will create far more offensive opportunities for the Marlins than if he was batting third.

All in all, the Marlins will be playing for the top pick in baseball next season, so Miami can bat him where ever they want. But they got a new stadium with their carnival game home run machine in the outfield.

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Readers Comments (2)

  1. Steven Shopner

    If Polanco isn’t healthy, I’d go with Kouzmanoff over Figgins, reason being I’d like to see a batter that can hit HR’s. #justsayin

    • Marlins Fan?

      Who cares where anyone bats? The team is going to suck worse than the Bad New Bears!